Scotty the Body & Others Review their May Bulu Box

Scott is feeling his Tonic No. 4 health shot… literally! Get his and other Bulugans’ opinions on all 5 products in our May Bulu Box. 

May’s box includes: 

  • Cytomax Sports Performance drink mix
  • NightFood
  • TONIC Focus Health Shot No. 04
  • SafSlim Belly Fat Solution
  • Vega Sport Performance Protein

What NOT to do before you work out

What NOT to do before a work out

Since we’re always harping about what you SHOULD do before, during, and after a workout we were happy to come across this blog post about what you should NOT do.

You’ve planned your whole day around your work-out; you’ve got the enthusiasm, the time, and your outfit all picked out. Now you’re ready to hit the gym and move your body. Don’t ruin it by making these pre-workout mistakes; they can impact your overall progress and performance.

  • Cold stretching: Yes, we all know we are supposed to warm up before a work-out, but stretching muscles when they’re cold can lead to injuries and poor performance. Instead, warm up with five minutes of light cardio (jumping on the treadmill is the easiest way when at the gym) or start off slow for the first 10 minutes of your run, bike or swim session. Another option is dynamic stretching, which raises your heartbeat while loosening the muscles. Try doing 20 of each of these exercises: skipping, kicking your heels to your lower back and high-knee marching. This can help replace your usual pre-workout hamstring stretch.
  • Eating too much: Isn’t eating before a work-out a big cardinal no-no? You’re starving, you can feel your energy draining and you’re just about to start your hard-core workout. Experiencing this feeling can lead you to overeating right before you getting moving, and eating too much (or the wrong kinds of foods) can lead to cramping, feeling tired, and an overall unsatisfying work-out. Find foods that give you the right amount of energy. Try a banana, a slice of turkey on a wholegrain cracker or a protein shake. The same goes for drinking water, even though it’s important to stay hydrated during your work-out. The tip is to not drink too much water that you can hear and feel it sitting in your stomach.
  • Not planning ahead: Make sure you have a strategy for an effective work-out routine before actually heading into the gym. Come up with a schedule of the types of work-outs, weight amounts and reps you want to do for the week, and prep everything you need ahead of time — from the training equipment to what you are going to wear — to keep you from running around at the last minute and prolonging your work-out. All will ensure you maximise your time and avoid falling into the trap of a mindless, ineffective work-out.

Article and photo by Move Nourish Believe

An oral supplement for sun protection?

Sunsafe RxOral supplements just one tool in armory vs sun damage, says new market entrant.

While it would be irresponsible to suggest you can pop some pills and spend all day in intense sunlight without damaging your skin, there is a growing market for supplements that can protect skin from ‘incidental’ exposure to sunlight, says one new entrant to the nutri-cosmetics market.

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