Quick Thanksgiving Conversation Savers


The Holidays are a great chance to catch up with family and relatives and hear all about their lives. Relatives arrive and you all relax by sipping on your favorite holiday beverage while catching up. Unfortunately, after an hour or so it seems you’ve run out of topics to talk about! Let us help with these fun conversation starters to get everyone talking and give you a chance to show off some of your health and fitness knowledge. Continue reading

How to Navigate Your Thanksgiving Dinner by Rena Roark


It’s the season of giving thanks, and there’s no better way than getting together with family and friends over some good food and conversation.  The only problem is while we’re toasting to health and happiness, we’re usually sitting around a table of food laden with excess fat and calories, and then sit around all day waiting for our stomachs to retract back to normal size.  So, how can we give thanks together, enjoy food, and still be healthy?  Continue reading for some knowledge and simple switches that your body will be thanking you for.

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Black Friday Survival Guide 2.0


Black Friday shopping is not for the faint of heart. It requires drive, intense focus, and a burning desire to find the perfect gift, with the right deal, at the right time. Check out our newly updated list on vital tips to survive the day.

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3 Must-Haves to Avoid a Thanksgiving Day Disaster


Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of year when the family unites and embarks on a day of feasting, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. To help ensure everyone’s happiness on this special day, make sure you have the right tips to achieve Thanksgiving Day success!

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