What’s All The Hype About Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia - whats all the hype? | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements

With waist lines increasing across the globe, many are looking to diets and weight loss pills to aid in losing weight. There is one weight loss pill that has been generating a lot of buzz recently: Garcinia Cambogia. It has been said that this all-natural extract can decrease your appetite and can burn fat quicker than any other weight loss supplement out there. Before we dive into the benefits of this herbal weight loss supplement, lets get to know what the extract is all about. Continue reading

Why 2014 Is Your Year To Run A Half Marathon By Guest Blogger: Ali Vincent – Biggest Loser Winner

Why 2014 Is Your Year To Run A Half Marathon! | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements

With the new year in full swing and the glamour of resolutions beginning to wear thin, it’s time to boost your motivation to get active. This is the perfect time to look ahead and set a goal that you can start working towards now. So, why not make it a half marathon!? Here are a few reasons why tackling a half marathon is a completely amazing and doable goal for you this year.

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3 Ways to Make Brussels Sprouts Taste Good!

3 Ways To Make Brussels Sprouts Taste Good | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements
Yes, we did put “Delicious” and “Brussels Sprouts” in the same sentence. Even though you may have been forced to eat them as a child, it’s for a very good reason! These little sprouts pack quite a punch of healthy nutrients. A member of the cabbage family, brussels sprouts not only help lower your cholesterol, but are low in fat, high in fiber and are packed with Vitamin C to keep your immune system strong and your skin radiant.

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80/20 Personal Pear Pie


Pears are one winter time fruit you need to try when it’s at its prime. Not only are they high in fiber, they also pack in that handy cold-time preventing Vitamin C. Pears also are high in pectin. Pectin is a water soluble fiber that makes pears great to help lowering cholesterol levels! Since they are a bit sweeter, indulge as a part of your 80/20 lifestyle. Continue reading

Ali Vincent’s Secret to Weight Loss? Turn Try into TRYumph!


By Guest Writer: Ali Vincent

It’s 2014! And if you are like the majority of Americans, you are probably resolving to lose weight and get in shape this year. Getting healthy has always been part of my new year resolutions. Over and over again, I’d tell myself “I’ll try again this year.” And that would turn into “I’ll try again tomorrow.” And tomorrow would come with the same effortless agenda as the day before. I’d tell myself  “I’m trying my best” when, in truth, I wasn’t giving it my all. I wanted to live healthier, but I hadn’t really, truly made up my mind to do it.

Then I was selected for The Biggest Loser and I knew it was my chance. Continue reading

Does Britney Spears Have Fake Abs?


There’s a lot of speculation going on that Britney Spears might have been sporting a nice pair of fake abs at her Las Vegas debut over last weekend. Who can really be sure because all of her on-stage dance routines have certainly helped add to her cardio routines! She says that her new choreographers have been working her hard. Continue reading