Is Food Just As Addictive As Drugs?

Is food just as addictive as drugs? | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements
The results of a recent study indicate that food is just as addictive as many drugs. When rats were fed foods with high fructose corn syrup, they reacted in a way similar to rats who were fed cocaine. The study’s results indicate that worldwide obesity is be best viewed as a disease and an addiction.

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Aging Myths: DEBUNKED!

Aging Myths Debunked | Bulu Box blog - sample superior vitamins and supplements

Aging is a process in women’s health that cannot be avoided. But growing old doesn’t mean you are stuck with declining health. Don’t fall for the myths of aging—older people can live active and healthy lives too. Look at these 10 of the most common aging myths and see why they are not necessarily true.

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The Evolution of the Ideal Female Body

The Evolution of the Ideal Female Body | Bulu Box Blog - sample superior vitamins and supplements

What is the “ideal” woman when it comes to physique? While everyone has their own idea of what constitutes the “perfect” woman, there is no doubt that media has a huge influence on popular opinion. And, if you go back in time, you will see that art has also had a hand in portraying specific body types as more desirable than others.

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The Scoop: Nuvia Trim

Kelsey and Stephanie introduce Nuvia Trim, an instant, gourmet weight loss coffee. Nuvia Trim contains Green Coffee Bean and fat-burning thermogenic Raspberry Ketone, plus African Mango and Green Tea with ECGC, work in synergy to boost metabolism, promote appetite control, and support healthy after-meal sugar levels.

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Top Books for a Better You


A happier and healthier life can be as close as one read away! Well, your life already rocks but sometimes a good read can lift your spirits even higher and help you achieve your goal whether it’s weight loss, saving money or just finding the right balance between work and fun. Here’s a couple reads that can help you become a better you.

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