What Your Rep Range Says About Your Workout


If you’re into lifting weights, you’ve probably heard of a few different types of rep ranges: 5 x 5, 12 – 10 – 8, and 3 x 12. All of these rep ranges do something different for your muscles. See which range will help you reach your goals faster. Continue reading

10 Infused Water Recipes To Cleanse And Detox Your Body


Infused waters aren’t only tasty, but are good for your health! Infused waters can help boost your metabolism, increase weight loss, cleanse and detox your body! Drinking infused water is so enjoyable that people even see themselves increasing their water intake! Tasty and healthy?! Why wouldn’t you try one of our 10 fave infused water recipes? Continue reading

Bulu: How to Master the Art of Regular Meditation


Looking for a way to de-stress and renew your mind? If so, meditation may be for you!

Think meditation is synonymous with bending yourself into impossible positions while listening to new age chant music? Think again!

Meditation may be synonymous with yoga, but actually there are a whole host of variants when it comes to meditation, and a number of different ways to go about it. From long deep breathing, to music meditation, and contemplation –there’s bound to be something for you.

One of the best ways to get the most out of meditation, or any habit really, is by practicing it on a regular basis. While some benefits are immediate, others take a while to develop. Establishing a routine allows you to experience all the meditation has to offer –stress reduction, mental clarity, feelings of happiness, and more!

Mastering a routine, fostering a good habit, or doing something on a regular basis can be a difficult challenge, even for the best of us. But if meditation’s something you’re serious about (and you know you are!) it’s important to get into the groove and start making it a top priority in your schedule.

Sound good?


Here’s how you can master the art of regular meditation –and turn it into a habit!


Make a Date
For some of us, mornings aren’t exactly our finest hour. But many people find that early mornings work best for meditation. Morning meditation provides you with that all-important quiet time, ensuring that nothing else will distract you. If mornings aren’t for you though, no problem! Just choose a time that works for you, then schedule it in –and stick to it!

Establish a Routine
Prioritize, commit to it, and get it done. While it might not sound like a formula for meditation –when you are trying to form a new habit it’s important not to let other tasks crowd in. Try to establish a routine by meditating in the same place, same time –everyday.

Be Flexible
Routine is important –but so is flexibility. If something important comes up, instead of giving up on meditation altogether, make it work for you. Consider reducing the amount of time you spend meditating that day, or choosing another time. The key is being flexible.

Grab Your Partner
Team up with someone else who wants to meditate. You don’t have to meditate together, just keep each other on track. Having someone to talk to will help keep you on track. Teamwork!


Remember: routines take time to establish, but don’t give up. By staying diligent, and keeping at it, you’ll soon have find meditation becomes second nature. And will start reaping the benefits that come from taking the time to stop, pause, and meditate.

Have you started meditating? How did you develop your routine?


5 Tips for Enjoying Leafy Green Veggies


Don’t like veggies? You’re not alone.

An aversion to all things healthy and green is something that all-too-many of us struggle with. Studies show that only nine percent of Americans are eating enough vegetables. Nine percent! That’s shockingly low – especially considering that there are tons of nutritional benefits that come from eating your greens.

While spinach may not turn you into the next Popeye (thankfully!), spinach – and other greens like kale, collard greens, and dark leaf lettuce – do contain enough vitamins and minerals to be considered superfoods. They also act as an antioxidant in the body, helping to ward off certain diseases – including cancer. And since they’re a great source of iron, they can help to build muscle.

But for those among us who don’t appreciate swallowing spinach by the can-full, no worries! The good news is that there are other ways for you to get your greens. Here are five ways that you can make greens tastier and more appealing.

1. Blend Them Into Smoothies
Green smoothies: the ambiguous green gunk that looks like something Calvin’s mom would try to feed him. Fortunately, you don’t have to blend six types of greens to get your veggies in. Instead, combine them with fruit for a flavorsome twist on the green smoothie. This vanilla lime green smoothie has a citrusy kick and is a tasty way to get your greens in for the day. Yum!

2. Turn Them Into Chips
A two for one special! Enjoy guilt free ‘chips’ while getting your greens. Toss some kale or collard greens onto a baking sheet, add some salt, oil, and lemon juice and pop them in the oven for 25 minutes. You can also experiment with new recipes and create your own favorite flavors. It’s good stuff!

3. Find a Tasty Dressing
Dress them up! A delicious dressing is guaranteed to make even the most boring greens delish. While you’re at it, why not throw in other additions to make your salads even more fun and palatable? Cranberries and walnuts, crumbled bacon or tasty croutons can all transform a bland salad into a tasty treat.

4. Consider Your Seasonings
Oregano and parsley are herbs, but they’re also green, leafy vegetables. Enjoy the health benefits of leafy green veggies by using them to season your food. You will probably be surprised at the amount of vitamins that common herbs pack (thyme has iron? Who knew!). It’s a win-win for all.

5. Sneak ‘em In
If all else fails, sneak your greens in! It is easy to sneak in a handful of spinach into whatever you are making for dinner. Toss some in a salad, soup, or stir fry – or, add some to lasagna or a quiche. Top burgers and pizza off with fresh spinach, or add some to sandwiches and wraps for added nutrition and vitamins.

Next time you start grumbling about ‘eating your greens,’ just remember – there is more than one way to enjoy them!

How do you take your greens?