Pilates 101

Dating back to the 1920s, pilates began when a physical trainer saw the need for rehabilitation exercise. This form of exercise focuses on self-resistance, also known as dynamic tension, to increase flexibility, build strength, and increase control of your mind and body. Joseph Pilates helped various people heal their ailing bodies with this practice including war veterans who had just returned home.

If you picture pilates as an exercise involving bizarre metal springs, handles, and straps, you’re not alone. What you may not know is that pilates moves can be modified and most of them can be performed in the comfort of your own home! Below are five pilates exercises designed for beginners. Be sure to practice each move carefully to ensure you are working the correct muscles efficiently.
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10 Habits For Happiness

Happiness can be found in a variety of things. Taking time to focus on areas that could use an extra dose of positivity can result in an all around happier outlook on life. Here are some examples:

Dream Big
Respect yourself; you’re one of a kind, unique and you need to think highly of yourself. Imagine that your goals are the infinite staircase. When you think you have set the highest goal you can, there is another one, greater than that one. You must never stop dreaming. There is no greater motivation than powerful ambition.

In the midst of stressful times, you need to find a way to relax and relieve your body of stress. One way of doing that is by meditating. Not only will you get in a certain state of relaxation, you will also improve your focus and concentration. 

Exercise is something that puts our mind and body in the wonderful and active state that we desire. Also, exercise will improve your cognitive abilities as well as physical, and that itself can boost your confidence.

Eat Well
Eating properly and keeping your body healthy is essential. If your unsure of what you should be eating and how often, finding a nutritionist to talk to is a good option. Once you’re on track to a healthier diet, you’ll quickly notice a difference in how much better you feel.

Drink Water
You probably don’t pay much attention when it comes to drinking water, but most of us aren’t drinking it enough. When you don’t drink enough water, your body weakens and you will likely feel exhausted. To calculate how much water you should be consuming each day, follow this calculation: your body weight divided by 2 = how many ounces of water your should be drinking. 

Mind Addiction
If you find something fascinating that you enjoy doing, your mind may become obsessed with it. That satisfaction which you get while using your cognitive skills to solve something or do something is what causes this “mind addiction’. Find a healthy activity or goal that you can focus in on and become “addicted” to.

Focus on What You’re Doing
It’s important to closely focus on what you’re doing and try to do one thing at the time. Multitasking is an incredible virtue, but it’s utterly impossible to give your full attention to everything at once. If you’re looking to enhance your cognitive performance and overall concentration, nootropic supplements are a great option. Check out the Bulu Box shop for a variety of nootropic options.

Become a Problem Solver
Solve riddles, puzzles, tricky questions, Sudoku, crosswords and much more mind empowering things. This way, you will not only exercise your brain, but you will also gain the ability to see things from a different angle.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others
Instead of looking at others and wishing you had what they had or looked like they do, focus on what makes you unique. After all, how boring would the world be if everyone was the same? Put effort into finding what sets you apart and makes you special instead. 

Surround Yourself with Positive People
The last, but definitely not least, thing you should focus on is filling your environment with people that build you up. Try to pick your friends carefully and look for those who radiate positivity and happiness. Chances are you’ll begin to do the same! 

What are you doing today to prepare for a happier tomorrow?