Thinking of Going Paleo? Don’t Make These Five Mistakes!


If you’re looking to get into a healthy new routine, then the ultra-popular Paleo diet may seem like a great option! A chance to get back to basics while cutting out modern processing, additives, and other nasties that we all know are bad for us.

Based on things that our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have presumably eaten way back in the day, the Paleo diet involves adhering as closely as possible to what our diets would have looked like before the advent of farming. This diet’s packed with things that could have either been hunted or gathered including meat, fish, nuts, veggies, and some fruit. It also does away with the modern staples of grains, processed foods, sugar, and usually dairy as well.

While going Paleo can be a healthy lifestyle change for some, the truth is that the benefits will vary greatly depending upon your individual approach and how well this diet suits your body and lifestyle.

If you’re considering Paleo and wondering if you could reap the benefits of this diet then you’ll want to ensure that you’re doing it in a healthy and manageable way!

Fire up the grill! Here’s what you should know about going Paleo and five mistakes you’ll want to avoid along the way!

  1.       Not Replacing Nutrients

Perhaps the biggest controversy surrounding Paleo is the fact that it involves giving up some very prominent food groups, particularly dairy and grains. While there’s much debate about the importance of these foods in your diet what isn’t open for discussion is the necessity of the nutrients found in these groups. If you’re cutting out these food groups, make sure you replace them with others to ensure that you’ll still be getting the nutrients! A good way to get started with Paleo is by easing into it. Start by eating more veggies to maintain your fiber intake. Stock up on nutritional powerhouses like dark, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, and look to get vitamin D from egg yolks and mushrooms.  

  1.       Failing to Plan

As with anything in life, failing to plan is, well, planning to fail! With the Paleo diet, this is certainly the case. You can’t simply eliminate grains and dairy and expect great results. In fact, many of the benefits of Paleo are due to eating more nutrient-dense foods rather than just cutting things out. Finding success with Paleo starts with careful planning. This includes making a meal plan, buying ingredients, and ensuring that you’re getting enough variety to make this diet beneficial and sustainable.

  1.       Not Being a Careful Shopper

Don’t fall for the packaged foods! Just because a box says it is “gluten free” doesn’t mean it’s Paleo-friendly. In most cases, it’s best to avoid processed foods altogether and choose whole foods like grass-fed meat, poultry, fish, and cage-free eggs. Stock up on a variety of veggies, some fresh fruits, and avocados. Look for healthy oils such as olive and coconut. Buy some nuts and purchase sweet potatoes and yams. This will give you a good variety of ingredients to work with, and lots of healthy options for making some delicious and nutritionally dense meals. Loaded omelets, chicken salads, and freshly grilled meat with a side of sweet potatoes, asparagus, and avocado are just a few amazing Paleo meal ideas.

  1.       Going All or Nothing With Food Quality

One thing that often holds people back from going Paleo is the cost. However, while it’s true that the best Paleo diet involves grass-fed beef and organic produce, you don’t have to break the bank to experience the benefits of this diet. If you can’t afford to stock your fridge with grass-fed meat, opting for grain-fed beef is still a better option than throwing in the towel and having pizza every night! Avoid processed food and instead try to focus on whole food alternatives like meat, eggs, nuts, fruits, and veggies. Try to shop at farmers markets. They’re often a lot more affordable than the store. You can experience many of the benefits of Paleo without spending a fortune.

  1.       Giving Up Portion Control

Paleo, when done correctly, will leave you feeling satisfied. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should throw portion sizes out the window! If you’re looking to lose weight with Paleo, remember that an ounce of nuts is still an ounce of nuts. It’s important to get a balance of protein, carbs, and nutrients; and to keep portion size in mind as well. Loading up on the wrong foods, neglecting veggies, and failing to get enough exercise can all lead to weight gain; even with Paleo.

Paleo-style eating offers a number of great qualities including a focus on whole foods, lean protein, veggies, and healthy fats. However, it’s not a silver bullet that’s designed to ensure health and success. Your best option may be to begin by embracing the best points of Paleo and slowly working them into your diet. See how you feel and how your body reacts. Learn what works for you. The best meal plan is one that will give you energy, strength, and health. Whether that’s Paleo or a different diet altogether is something that you’ll want to discover for yourself!


Thinking of going Paleo? What’s holding you back?


Unboxing Genial Day


Feminine health. A slightly uncomfortable topic for some but don’t worry, we’re staying completely scientific with this one. Keeping that area healthy is very important, and pH levels play a huge role in this. How to avoid things that can throw off your pH balance down there, and how to maintain feminine health will be our focus for this post!

For starters, what is pH? Your body’s pH is the scale of acidity and alkalinity. The pH scale runs from 0-14, anything higher than 7 being of a low acidity (alkaline) and anything lower than a 7 being acidic. PH levels are present everywhere! For example, a lemon has a low pH level (or high acidity levels) while a loaf of bread has a high pH level (or low acidity levels).


In relation to vaginal health, a healthy pH level would be between 3.8 and 7, so a more acidic state is healthiest at your body’s natural state. 

Why is this important?

Having the appropriate pH level is extremely important in relation to feminine health, as acidic levels aid the body in creating an environment for the healthy bacteria that keeps the vagina healthy and protects it from infections and diseases, as most harmful bacteria cannot survive this level of acidity. PH levels above a 4.5 can leave the vagina susceptible to yeast infections and inflammation. Yeah. Not comfy. 

Feminine Products: Help or Harm?

Although the world is filled with products created to help get and maintain feminine health, some of these products can actually throw off your body’s pH level and cause irritation. Tampons seem harmless enough, however, they are both good and potentially harmful for your body. Although Tampons absorb menstrual fluid and bacteria, this can keep your body from maintaining healthy levels of good bacteria. This then gives the bad bacteria a surface to grow on. Some health experts suggest using a menstrual cup in place of a tampon, as a cup collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it. However, it’s not a guarantee that you will get an infection from using tampons, so to each their own!

Another area that could alter your body’s pH levels is douching. If you don’t know what douching means, it’s a device used to clean the inside of the vagina. Some women feel the need to do this, however, this can actually be harmful. Seeing as the vagina cleans itself, cleaning it “artificially” can reduce your body’s acidity levels and leave the area susceptible to infection. Also, the fragrances and materials used in these products can irritate the skin.

Profile of a beautiful young woman with a towel on her head

A healthy way we’ve found to maintain feminine health without reducing or altering your body’s pH levels is to use Genial Day organic feminine products and underwear! These liners, pads, and panties are all pH friendly, free of chemicals and are air-permeable. What sets Genial Day apart is their devotion to making feminine products that are good for your skin and fight harmful bacteria growth. We love these products because not only are they dermatologically tested to help maintain feminine hygiene healthy pH levels but also because they are eco-certified and environmentally friendly!

If you take your feminine hygiene as seriously as we do, we highly recommend giving these a try! Check out Genial Day’s full line of feminine products here.

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Unboxing StressKiller


When you hear the word “stress” you probably aren’t thinking about the possible long-term effects it can have on your body and mind. However, symptoms of stress can pose a serious threat to both your physical and mental health. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.”

So what gets you stressed? Anything from work pressure to strains at home over time can result in the tell-tale signs of stress. What are these symptoms? Let’s break this down!

Physical Symptoms of Stress:

  1. Headache
  2. Muscle tension or pain
  3. Chest pain
  4. Fatigue
  5. Change in sex drive
  6. Stomach upset
  7. Sleep problems

Not only are these symptoms of stress, but they are quite common, even at low levels of stress!

Symptoms of Stress on Your Mood:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Restlessness
  3. Lack of motivation or focus
  4. Feeling overwhelmed
  5. Irritability or anger
  6. Sadness or depression

Here’s where things can get a little hairy. All of these symptoms can result in illnesses like depression, and can also trigger physical symptoms like weight gain, weight loss, sleep deprivation and more.

Now that we know the negative effects of stress on the body and mind, how do we combat it? Believe it or not, the solution to most cases of stress are really rather simple! Just adjusting your lifestyle activities can be a huge help in reducing and keeping stress levels low. One of our favorite ways to reduce stress is through physical activity! Whether it’s taking a run after work, going on a bike ride or playing tennis, staying active produces endorphins in the brain.

These endorphins act as your body’s natural pain killer! The more active you are, the more “pain killer” you have in your brain, which is a great way to combat and relieve stress. A second way to reduce stress is through relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga and breathing exercises. Calming your mind and regaining focus through these techniques are a great and fun way to reduce strain from daily stressors.

We also found a great way you can win the battle against stress on a daily basis! Stress Killer drink powder is a delicious way to lower stress levels and prevent stress in the long term. This all-natural mix is made of L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B-12, B-6, Folate, Magnesium and Vitamin C. All of these components serve to counteract stress symptoms like fatigue, depression, psychological stress and works to keep cortisol (a stress hormone) levels low. These are just a few areas where Stress Killer will keep you feeling your best both physically and mentally! 


If you are like us and get worn down by daily stressors, we recommend you give Stress Killer drink powder a try! View StressKiller’s full line of powder drink mixes here.


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Unboxing RxQ Antioxidant Complex


Oxidative stress is something you probably don’t think about on a daily basis. Actually, oxidative stress is kind of a big deal! Preserving and boosting long-term health is just as important to us as it is in the short term. If you’re anything like us, read on to see the benefits RxQ Antioxidant Complex and what it can do about oxidative stress!

To start off, here’s some vocab that we should get out of the way.

What are Free Radicals?

Free Radicals is an oxygen-containing molecule that has one or more unpaired electrons, making it highly reactive with other molecules.

In English, they’re rogue electrons that have the potential to destabilize cells after stealing electrons from lipid or protein cells.

What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are molecules present in cells that prevent free radical reactions which could cause serious damage to your body’s cells by donating an electron to the free radicals without becoming destabilized themselves. 

Now that we have that settled, how you interact with the environment has real-life effects on your body, and not all of these are positive. According to the experts at RxQ Antioxidant Complex, the pollution you encounter in your environment can create oxidative stress overloads that can chip away at your health prematurely. What, you ask, are “oxidative stressors”? Oxidative stress happens when free radicals that damage cells are so numerous that your body can no longer fight them off. Building up natural antioxidants in your body can help to fight these stressors. When we think of the effects on our bodies from our environment, we know of the effects on our bodies externally. UV rays, for example, are a widely known cause of skin cancer and premature wrinkling and aging of the skin. However, environmental pollution plays a huge role in the aging process. Pollutants damage cells and DNA and are a leading cause of cell damage and premature aging.

We already do things every day to maintain our health, even if the results are for prevention of future health problems. Brushing our teeth, flossing, even bathing are all things we do that help promote long-term health. RxQ Antioxidant Complex plays a similar role in that as your body is constantly facing a “dirty” environment, the powerful elements in RxQ Antioxidant Complex help to maintain cell function even as the body is being challenged with oxidative stressors. Just like brushing your teeth prevents future bone diseases and decay, RxQ Antioxidant Complex helps to prevent from future disability and loss of cell function!

Our bodies are constantly fighting against the environments we are exposed to. This sounds pretty intimidating, but RxQ Antioxidant Complex is a successful and natural way we can strengthen our bodies over time to protect itself against the effects of the environment on our bodies both physically and internally! Check out the full line of RxQ’s Antioxidant Complex here.


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