The Good Life Halfsy’s Top 10 Training Products


Are you getting ready to run The Good Life Halfsy sponsored by Bulu Box (or any other half marathon)? Our seasoned runners and organizers of The Good Life Halfsy, Ben and Jason, have put together this list of their top 10 training products to help you prepare for race day. Continue reading

Jennifer Lawrence thinks the word “FAT” should be illegal


Jennifer Lawrence, aka J-Law, is known for speaking her mind. She’s like a breath of fresh air for girls everywhere thanks to her strong opinion about body image in Hollywood. Jennifer has said in the past that she’s often been considered “fat” by Hollywood executives and she’s strongly against losing weight for movie roles.

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Why We Decided To Launch Our Own Half Marathon

Why we decided to launch a half marathon | The Good Life Halfsy Presented by Bulu Box

With sore feet and pounding hearts Paul and Stephanie Jarrett crossed the finish line of the San Francisco Half Marathon under the roar of a cheering crowd. While the finish line was the end to the 13.1-mile race, it was the start of something much bigger. This was the moment Bulu Box was born.

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Watch as a Singer is Transformed from a Regular Girl to a Pop Star


The media has been bringing to light just how common photoshopped images are – from photoshopped magazine ads to before/after photos. The latest medium to be photoshopped? Music videos! Just watch this to see how a young singer in transformed from a regular (and already beautiful) girl into a pop star.

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