Follow Friday: 5 Yogi Instagrams You Should Be Following


Here’s our weekly list of 5 Instagram accounts you should be following. This week we’re featuring some of our fave Yogis!

DeAndre is a yoga teacher and handbalancer with a passion for photography. DeAndre loves to shoot yoga and capture all forms of human movement.

Irene Pappas is a movement enthusiast. Practicing both Ashtanga and Rocket yoga, Irene found a new sense of purpose sharing yoga with the world. Irene encourages yogis to find balance not only in their bodies, but in their minds as well.

Caitlin Turner teachers yoga, blogs and is host of television show “Yoga Bliss” on The Indonesia Channel. Caitlin’s objective is to inspire people to follow their dreams and live lives that they love. She uses her Instagram as a tool to motivate yogis around the world.

Kino MacGregor teaches yoga internationally, is the author of three books, producer of six Ashtanga Yoga DVDs, writer, vlogger, traveler, co-founder of Miami Life Center and founder of Miami Yoga Magazine. Kino aspires to help people experience the everlasting potential of the human spirit.

Liz Arch is the creator of Primal Yoga, which is a class created to explore the body’s full range of motion through yoga and martial arts. Liz believes in yoga to heal physically and emotionally.


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