Q&A with Anja Garcia

 Q&A Question & Answer with Anja Garcia Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements

Website: anjagarcia.com

How did your fitness journey begin? 
I was an elite and collegiate gymnast for 17 years.  After I had a career ending injury in college, I started taking group fitness classes and fell in love.  I began teaching my junior year in college and not only did it help me lose 20 lbs and get back on track with my own health, it inspired me to help people help themselves.

Describe your weekly workout routine.
I workout and teach class every day but Sunday.  Sunday is my rest day!  My workouts consist of metabolic conditioning, HIIT training, cycling, dancing and running stairs.  I like to mix things up and keep it fun for me.

What’s in your gym bag?
WATER! Workout music (a definite must!) Quest bars for a quick fix.

What fitness mantras keep you motivated?
“Be happy with what you have while working for what you want!”  It’s so important to love every second of your journey.  Living in the present and not constantly in the future, knowing that what you are doing in this very moment will help you get to your goal.  Remember life is a journey, nothing happens in an instant.  Be kind to yourself.  Your body listens to what your mind says.  Keep the negative thoughts at bay.  Hard work everyday will pay off.

In your opinion, what’s the ONE healthy habit that makes the biggest difference
CONSISTENCY!!  Fitness and health is not a fad.  It is a lifelong commitment to yourself.  Taking one day at a time, doing the best you can, and keeping everything in moderation will get you there healthfully and happily!

What’s your all-time favorite workout?
I’ve got to say the Inferno program I created for Dailyburn.com is my favorite.  I put all the types of training I love, from tabata to metcon, in one space for one sweat drenching program so other people could fall in love with hard work too!

What’s your vitamin and/or supplement must have? 
B12 and B complex for an energy boost every morning! Combine that with a healthy diet chock full of vitamins and this girl is good to go :)