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During the summer many of us end up hitting the beach instead of the gym to spend our time laying in the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather. But how do you maintain that beach body when you are spending all your time with toes in the sand rather than the sneakers? Here are a few exercises you can do during your beach day to stay toned and fit during the summer months.

Go For a Quick Jog
Go for a quick jog a few hundred meters down the beach. It doesn’t sound challenging but actually, running in sand requires 1.6 times more energy than normal running! When your foot strikes the sand your foot must stabilize itself on the shifting surface. When you lift your foot for the next step you’re actually pulling it out of the sand each time, forcing your calf muscles to work harder. Check out our blog on running surfaces to learn more about how different surfaces affect your body.

Sit Ups and Ab Exercises
Perfect for the soft beach, sit-ups will work your core and give you nice definition through your stomach. Try facing with your back to the water to include the natural declination of the beach to get those defined, rock hard abs.

Water Aerobics
This isn’t your nice and pleasant pool aerobics! Try running 20 – 40 yards in knee to waist deep water to get your legs pumping and increase your cardio performance. Not hard enough? Try doing high knees and butt kicks through the water. The tide creates extra difficulty as your body adjusts to stay in place. Wake up realizing those water aerobics worked your muscles harder than you thought? Rub on some Thera-gesic to sooth your muscles. A few thin layers of the greaseless, non-staining crème warms the muscles back to feeling normal so you can hit the beach or the surf with no problem.

Need More?
For the real beach enthusiast try starting at the top of the beach and running into the water. Once you’re waist deep in the water do ten full jump squats and sprint back to the top of the beach. Do as many repetitions as you can (we like to aim for 4 reps).

So now your day at the beach doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your workout. Try these exercises to shed the pounds while getting your tan on.


Your Turn: What are your favorite beach activities?

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  1. My favorite beach activities are running on the beach in and out of the water. It makes running more fun and the weight of the water increases the calories burn and workout.

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