Strogation – What You Need to Know


Larysa DiDio, Bulu Box’s August celebrity curator, is coming out with her brand new Strogation fitness program on August 15th and we couldn’t be more excited! Strogation is a one-of-a-kind program that can speed weight loss, increase flexibility, relieve stress and improve overall health. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from Strogation. Continue reading

8 Foam Roller Moves For Beginners That You Should Be Doing! [GIFS]

8 Foam Roller Moves For Beginners You Should Be Doing! [GIFS] | Bulu Box - sample superior vitamins and supplements

You’ve probably seen other people doing it, but have you tried foam rolling? You work hard at the gym, but it’s equally as important to make sure your muscles get the recovery it needs! We’re going to explain why foam rolling is so important and some moves to try yourself!

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Start Your Yoga Journey Today

start_your_yoga_journey_today_2 (1)Happy National Yoga Month, and in celebration, let’s get everyone to the mat!  Yoga is beneficial to practice for so many different reasons, for both the body and the mind.  Yoga literally means “to yoke,” or to unify the body and the energetic spirit together, and this can be accomplished through the physical poses (asanas) and the breath (pranayama) working together.  It really is all about the breath.

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Relax! It’s Recovery Day!

Relax! It's Recovery Day: The Importance Of The Recovery Day - By Rena Roark | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements
“No Pain, No Gain,” and “Go hard or go home,” is what they say to train and be your best, right?  Yes it’s true, but only on your hard training days – not every day.  If you want improvement, then yes, you have to push yourself further and harder than your last workout and you will feel muscle fatigue throughout the workout and most likely soreness hours to even days after.  However, in order to improve, your body also needs adequate rest, which can be hard for a person who is in the mindset of “Go hard or go home!”

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