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Feminine health. A slightly uncomfortable topic for some but don’t worry, we’re staying completely scientific with this one. Keeping that area healthy is very important, and pH levels play a huge role in this. How to avoid things that can throw off your pH balance down there, and how to maintain feminine health will be our focus for this post!

For starters, what is pH? Your body’s pH is the scale of acidity and alkalinity. The pH scale runs from 0-14, anything higher than 7 being of a low acidity (alkaline) and anything lower than a 7 being acidic. PH levels are present everywhere! For example, a lemon has a low pH level (or high acidity levels) while a loaf of bread has a high pH level (or low acidity levels).


In relation to vaginal health, a healthy pH level would be between 3.8 and 7, so a more acidic state is healthiest at your body’s natural state. 

Why is this important?

Having the appropriate pH level is extremely important in relation to feminine health, as acidic levels aid the body in creating an environment for the healthy bacteria that keeps the vagina healthy and protects it from infections and diseases, as most harmful bacteria cannot survive this level of acidity. PH levels above a 4.5 can leave the vagina susceptible to yeast infections and inflammation. Yeah. Not comfy. 

Feminine Products: Help or Harm?

Although the world is filled with products created to help get and maintain feminine health, some of these products can actually throw off your body’s pH level and cause irritation. Tampons seem harmless enough, however, they are both good and potentially harmful for your body. Although Tampons absorb menstrual fluid and bacteria, this can keep your body from maintaining healthy levels of good bacteria. This then gives the bad bacteria a surface to grow on. Some health experts suggest using a menstrual cup in place of a tampon, as a cup collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it. However, it’s not a guarantee that you will get an infection from using tampons, so to each their own!

Another area that could alter your body’s pH levels is douching. If you don’t know what douching means, it’s a device used to clean the inside of the vagina. Some women feel the need to do this, however, this can actually be harmful. Seeing as the vagina cleans itself, cleaning it “artificially” can reduce your body’s acidity levels and leave the area susceptible to infection. Also, the fragrances and materials used in these products can irritate the skin.

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A healthy way we’ve found to maintain feminine health without reducing or altering your body’s pH levels is to use Genial Day organic feminine products and underwear! These liners, pads, and panties are all pH friendly, free of chemicals and are air-permeable. What sets Genial Day apart is their devotion to making feminine products that are good for your skin and fight harmful bacteria growth. We love these products because not only are they dermatologically tested to help maintain feminine hygiene healthy pH levels but also because they are eco-certified and environmentally friendly!

If you take your feminine hygiene as seriously as we do, we highly recommend giving these a try! Check out Genial Day’s full line of feminine products here.

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